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Mogu Autumn Mischief Set

Image of Mogu Autumn Mischief Set


Limited Edition of 15pcs per design.

"The Mogu love their forest, for it is their playground and their home. It is known that when Mogu appear, that balance exists between the physical and spirit realm, and that all is well in nature. The little forest spirits like to chase each other around the giant trunks of their protector trees, where they dwell. They are playful, curious creatures, but the Mogu are quick to flee from prying eyes, seldom showing themselves to outsiders.

It is difficult to catch the Mogu, as they can flitter in and out of time and space. They can even instantaneously travel short distances through this method, and the twins Kali and Kana are among the best travelers. Kali, the mischievous adventurer, is always teasing the more patient and stoic Kana, but they are seldom ever apart.

When one walks under the shade of a leafy forest canopy, one might hear their faint child-like laughter in the wind. And if you look very closely, you may even spot a little mushroom-topped head scampering off into the shadows, blending well with the foliage."

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